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How Going to Space Can Mess With the Astronaut Brain

That level of caution may sound absurd today, but a new study shows trips to outer space can still mess with astronauts on a physiological level.  New research from Johns Hopkins finds that long-term deep space missions can alter brain proteins and cause cognitive deficits like lapses in attention and slower reaction times.


Dana Milbank: NASA lost in space budgeting

NASA just confirmed what sci-fi enthusiasts have known all along: There are other civilizations out there.


Hubble images of thousand of galaxies should blow your mind

What you’re seeing here is a view of thousands of galaxies. Thousands. Sure, there are some stars in our own Milky Way punctuating this picture here and there but they are few, and just stomped flat by the number of whole galaxies you’re seeing


Man or Astro-man? take on The Wormhole

Patrons, be prepared to sign a waiver for this show. The stars have aligned and the space portal is opening.


Mysteries of nearby planetary system's dynamics solved

Mysteries of one of the most fascinating nearby planetary systems now have been solved, report authors of a scientific paper to be published by the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in its early online edition on 22 April 2014. The study, which presents the first viable model for the planetary system orbiting one the first stars discovered to have planets—the star named ...


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