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There are a lot of people who have jobs that move them around every now and then. Eight times out of ten there are kids who have changed school for whatever reason at some point in their school lives. Its a daunting experience for some while others take it in their stride. It could be the first day of playschool, first day at kindergarten, first day at school. Whatever it is, it isnt easy, for the parents as well as the kids. There is sure to be some anxiety, some nervousness. Read on and find out how you as a parent can help your child cross this hurdle without too much trauma.

One of the first things you should do is to convert the apprehension of starting school and make it a fun thing of adventure and discovery. Familiarize your child with school before school reopens. Go through the classrooms and the building and build up your childs confidence.

The next thing to check out is the mode of transportation. If your child is on a bus route then it will be a good idea to follow the bus the first two or three days so you know all is well and the child knows that his mom or dad is there for him. Once they get used to the bus then your job is easier. If you are on a walking route then walk that route with your child so he knows the way perfectly and will not make any detour. Ensure your kids are aware of what to do should they miss the bus or if they are approached by strangers.

It always helps to give your child a treat for successfully starting school. This little celebration gives them the idea that this is also a special time. It helps them look forward to school.

Check with your child as to what other activities they would like to do like sports, joining a team or group activity of some interest. Maybe you can give them a small allowance to teach them money management. Your child will develop associations with every year that they grow and they will learn that starting a new year of school means lots of new and increased responsibilities along with rewards.

Irrespective of age, children today want to be trendy and in step with the fashion of the day/week/month/season etc. You must plan a shopping trip for each of your kids so that they get clothes of their choice. Keep some basics which can have add-ons to make it a different outfit. Take stock of the wardrobe, get rid of what is worn out and outgrown. Do some mix and match, old with new kind of thing so you have new outfits. This way your child is happy and your pocket is happy too especially if you have more than one child.

The last on your list should be a proper sleep and diet routine. Children feel secure within a routine and you should ensure that theirs is set to suit their body clock. Sleeping on time and eating the right food will go a long way in helping them deal with the pressures of a new school. Food like muffins that are piping hot, cinnamon rolls or maybe a bowl of oatmeal gives your child the energy to stay awake and full of concentration.

Try and follow the tips above and when the bus has rolled by on the first day, sit back and relax. Soon caps and gowns will replace the finger painting!

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