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Come September and you have kids looking forward to school and other who wonder what it is that awaits them. Parents play a very big role in helping their kids overcome first day blues and controlling overexcitement at the same time.

It is essential to start off with a schedule of extra curricular activities that is manageable and flexible enough to allow for homework time and extra studying if needed. There are a lot of after school activities that start registration once school starts but if you sign your kids up for everything they want to do, then 24 hours will not be enough for them. Itís one thing to keep them busy since they stay out of trouble too but its quite another to tie them down to a tight schedule which leaves no room for maneuvering. Itís best to keep activities down to 2 or 3 so that there is enough time for rest, relaxation, extra study and any other eventuality that may come up.

Before school, sit with the kids and talk about interpersonal relations with teachers and peers. There is a right way of interacting with your teachers and a wrong way. Ensure that they know the difference so school is a happy place and not something they dread. Requesting permission for using the restroom, asking for extra help, etc are all part of the how to behave chapter. Tell kids that they must be attentive in class, follow the teacher as he moves about making a point, be alert so that that teacher knows you are sincere and not a mischief maker. Itís all about the right body language and the right attitude.

At home, demarcate a place for their study. Good lighting and a proper study table will tell the child that this is his corner. The computer can be in a place where parents can monitor the use of the Internet. Ensure that supplies are available like pens, paper - ruled and plain and colours, sharpeners, erasers, corrector fluid or tape, rulers, gum sticks/glue, markers and whatever else the child may need. Do some time management with homework and other activities so everything gets done on time. Ensure that the kids realize how to allocate time for each project or task.

When they come in after the first day, sit with them, talk about their day and how they liked school. This is good quality time spent with kids which helps bonding and gives the child reassurance that mom or dad really want to know what they did. Give the necessary encouragement and praise wherever required so your child looks forward to the next day at school. Make going back to school work in a positive manner for the whole family.

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