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Come the end of the holidays and once again the air is buzzing with activity. Parents everywhere are getting themselves organized so going back to school is not a traumatic experience but a happy one for their kids. Kids have to be prepared irrespective of age and the length of the holiday. Holidays generally mean no routine, going around on short trips and no pressure on their time but once school starts, it means eating and sleeping on time. That takes a little getting used to after a long break. Now there can be no late nights and there is a time line that has to be maintained or kids will tire themselves out.

Itís easy to get into the back to school mode. The first thing to do is slow down the pace of the holiday. No more back to back activities. Bring sleep time around to an acceptable time slowly so that by the time school starts they are back to their normal pattern. No more big parties and long trips. Stay at home, relax and get their batteries recharged for school. Plan activities where the new routine can be incorporated so they donít feel like they are missing out on all the fun.

The next step is to be organized in terms of clothes, footwear, lunch boxes, stocking your kitchen for things that go into the lunch boxes among other things. Make your purchases well in time. Ensure that all holiday tasks have been completed and are in the bag for submitting. Fill in your calendar of appointments so that your week is planned and there is no unnecessary confusion.

Last but not the least, slowly ease the kids in to a different routine that is more suitable for school days so that by the time school comes around, their body clocks have been fine tuned to deal with the daily grind of school and homework and other related activities. Keep weekends free of extra activities. A relaxed weekend will ensure the kids are relaxed come Monday morning.

Spending quality time with the little ones will ease any tension and stress the child may be feeling and it will help boost their confidence. Itís tough to say No to friends who are out late at night but once in a while it has to be done. Sticking to a routine will help the overall growth of little children over the years and will help them grow into responsible little adults. Teens will realize the importance of eating right and sleeping on time as they will have the energy to do all that the day demands of them, be it school projects, sports, whatever.

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